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I’m Getting A Divorce: Where Do I Start?

Separating from a partner is never simple. And while you may have moved on emotionally, the logistics of getting a divorce can seem overwhelming. However, organising your finances, deciding where to live, and finding a divorce solicitor in London can help you to start moving forward with your divorce proceedings.

Organise your finances

Before you start divorce proceedings, you'll need a clear picture of your joint finances. This is because your assets and debts will be equitably distributed as part of the divorce settlement. Therefore understanding your finances will help ensure you get your fair share.

Start by determining what assets you own that should be split equitably. These include your home, vehicles and financial accounts and less obvious marital assets, including pensions plans, inheritances, and artwork. A copy of your credit report will outline debts you owe, if any, which will also be split based on your ability to pay.

Finally, ensure you have at least three months of financial resources at your disposal and establish credit in your own name by taking out a credit card.

Decide whether to stay or move out

Unless you're dealing with an abusive partner, it's often in your best interests not to move out of the family home until the divorce is finalised.

First, this creates stability for your family, particularly any school-aged children for whom your divorce could prove stressful and disruptive. But it also establishes your interest in the property, particularly if you contribute to the mortgage.

You'll also give yourself and your partner time and space to develop a viable co-parenting plan involving teachers, doctors and other childcare professionals.

Engage the services of a local divorce solicitor

A good firm of family solicitors will accomplish two things - expedite your divorce proceedings and ensure that they fight your corner to provide the best possible settlement.

Whether you have multiple assets or are in a financially vulnerable position compared to your partner, you should seek legal advice as quickly as possible.

Your lawyer should be a specialist in their field, with extensive knowledge of family law and divorce. And they should have an established reputation with a proven track record and visible results. In addition, they should have the expertise to guide you through every step of the divorce proceedings, from drafting your divorce application to receiving the final order.

Although you and your spouse may come to a voluntary agreement over the division of assets and arrangements for custody, it's always wisest to engage a firm of divorce solicitors to ensure the process is fair and equitable.

Starting your divorce proceedings

You can begin divorce proceedings by filing a application online or by post. You'll require a certified copy of your marriage certificate, proof of any changes of name, and your spouse's full name and address.

However, unless your divorce is straightforward, with minimal assets to divide and no children involved, the services of a family law solicitor are essential to deal with the challenges ahead.

Take the high ground

In the rawness of a marital breakdown, it's easy to be angry and upset. Avoid making statements when you're out of control emotionally and be hypervigilant about your behaviour if children are involved. Treating your partner with civility and respect can help make a challenging situation an empowering one.

New Court Solicitors can help

At New Court Solicitors, we specialise in family law, serving clients across West London. We can guide you through the divorce process, shouldering the administrative burden and providing the highest levels of service and support at this challenging time. If you need divorce solicitors in London as a matter of urgency, contact us today.

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