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Legal Assistance: What Are The Costs?

Whether you’re getting a divorce or facing immigration issues, you need professional legal assistance. And knowing the costs involved can help you make an informed decision about the legal help you choose.

It’s essential to understand that individual law firms charge differently depending on the services you need. However, all regulated solicitors must provide cost information under the Solicitors Regulation Authority's Price Transparency Rules.

How solicitors charge for legal services

The solicitor may charge a fixed fee or an hourly rate. They may also base their rate on the value of the contested estate. Their fee will also take into account the following factors:

  • The complexity of the legal task and the amount of preparation

  • The level of knowledge and responsibility required

  • The location of the case.

  • The urgency of the work.

Solicitors should give you an idea of your costs at the outset. You should expect to be updated regularly throughout the work and receive a final bill clearly outlining what work was undertaken and when.

What costs can I expect to pay?

Legal assistance fees are set by individual solicitors and vary depending on the services provided. For example, a bare-bones package could meet your needs, or you might prefer higher levels of personalised support. However, whatever assistance you choose, your legal costs are expected to be fair and reasonable.

In addition to the basic fee and expenses, you may be required to pay the following costs:

  • Disbursements, including Land Registry fees and Anti Money Laundering check searches.

  • Court fees.

Fees for a barrister or expert witness.

What is the final bill?

Your final bill will depend on whether your case goes to court.

For non-contentious work, you'll receive a summary or gross sum bill.

You'll receive a summary bill and a detailed breakdown of all your costs for contentious work that ends up in court.

Suppose you're unhappy with the final bill or asked for a detailed breakdown and have yet to receive one. In that case, you have the right to complain and challenge your solicitor.

Can I get help with legal costs?

Although we do not offer Legal aid, in some cases you may be exempt from paying court fees. This is of course subject to your financial position, i.e. how much you earn. If it’s below the threshold, you will not be required to pay court fees.

At New Court Solicitors, our specialist family and immigration law solicitors provide a professional and cost-effective service with the minimum fuss. To find out more about our costs and services, contact our legal team today.

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